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“Hey dude, wow you are so skinny! Do you even eat?”

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this throughout my teenage years.

Growing up I was always been a super active kid, I've played badminton since I was a young child, during intermediate I also started training in long-distance running (800m, 1500m, 3000m), and I was good at these sports, but it came with the territory to be quite lean and skinny. As I grew older, that begun to bother me.

After I moved to New Zealand about six years ago, I quickly discovered the gym through high school friends, again, I was the skinniest one in the group. In the beginning, I felt very intimidated, especially seeing some of them lifting weights close to my own body weight. At that time I was 180cm tall but only weighed 57kg.


I wasn’t confident in the gym at all, so I decided to buy some weights and just train at home.
“what's the difference anyway”, I thought. Half-year went by, even though I was really lean and could see muscle definition, I had barely put on any size. With the stress and busyness of preparing to apply for university, I struggled to stick to a training routine and get enough food in. I got really upset and disappointed in myself, I thought no matter how hard I try, gaining muscle was just not for me.


While in University I decided I had finally had enough and was ready to commit to my fitness goals. I joined a gym and although I still wasn’t confident, I knew that change wouldn't come from staying in my comfort zone. After a while of training in the gym I was finally getting better, I met few people and there were so kind and friendly to help me out with any fitness related questions, that's when I also learnt more about nutrition.

2 months after training, I finally started seeing some serious results, they almost bought me to tears, I was more motivated than ever. The gym had basically become my second home, my therapy. A year went by, I had put on 15kg, most of which was lean muscle tissue. At the same time, I went through a very confusing time, I didn’t know what to do with my life in the future, I didn’t like my degree in university, but one thing never changed. The gym.


I still remember around that time the only thing I looked forward to was training. Quickly I realised that my true passion was health and fitness. I wanted to compete in bodybuilding and become a fitness coach. If I can get myself away from being body-shamed and toward working hard to reach my goals and see results, why can’t I help others do the same?

Now I weigh 83kg, I have gained a total of 26kg, I started working with my amazing coach, IFBB pro Terrence Ruffin, whom I have learnt so much from which I can't wait to pass onto my clients. We did a cut together and dropped my bodyweight down to 70kg without losing
strength at all! I'm now lean gaining and slowly building up to chasing my dream to be a
professional bodybuilder in the future.

Challenge yourself to be able to change yourself isn’t easy at all, but we all deserve to become the best version of ourselves! So let me help you!

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